Gradons Marquis Oyez Zoe At Doc's "Zoe" 

JC DNA clear, Normal CERF, OFA Cardiac, OFA patellas and BAER exams


CH. Bridges Gradon Marquis x Leton's Gradon Oyez Tache


DOB April 2009


Owner: Glenna Sprague DVM



Zoe rests on the day bed Oct 15, 2011.


Zoe babysits the Boston pups on Feb 6, 2011.

Zoe finds some in January 2011.


Zoe sunning on the deck 09/29/10.

 Zoe sits in the Michigan sun, August 2010

Zoe sits by the back door in Texas, February 2010

(She loves to sit around ... can you tell!?!) 


Axel & Buster are from Zoe's litter with Rhett

born Nov 21, 2011.

Louie & Penny are from Zoe's litter with Turtle

born in June 2010.




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