GCH CH Doc's Oh What A Trip "Trip"

D.O.B. July 12, 2017


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CH Motif N Doc's Johnny Quest(sire)

GCHB CH Motif's John Bernard Books NP35047003 CH Cool's Macximum Velocity NP100158703 CH  Motif's Mathew Quigley NP02011501
CH Bramley's Cool Canadian Storm NM91582701
CH Motif's Becky Thatcher NP261_3001 CH Motif's Huck Finn
Motif's Martha Jane Canarray NP21896201
 DH Motif's Game of Hearts NP77988701 CH DH Motif Master Of The Game NP24556805 Ken's Fruit Loops
Doc's Tyler Too
Motif's Midnight Stars Stella NP33467803 CH Motif's Wil Anderson 
Motif's She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Doc's Henrietta Tutu

CH Gunther's Oh Henry! CH Sunwoods I Will Do As I Please GCH CH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On ROM***
Sunwoods Love Made Ez
CH Gunther's Pageant Quenn Geraldine CH Donnybrook Aramis "Chief" ROM
CH Gunther's Purty Gertie RN ROM
CH Doc's Quality Control Doc's Herbie The Love Bug (major ptd) CH Doc's What's Up
CH Cool Reward Of Sunwoods
CH Doc's Just A Little Qt ROM BTCA AOM Cobweb's Swept By Tradewinds
CH Doc's Suzy Q ROM