Ch. Oui's Victor Victorious (Victor)

Ch. Docís Suzy Q  "Suzy"

Born:  11/28/04







Above picture is Libby on 1/17/05.

I am keeping Libby as a Show Hopeful at this time.




Above picture is sleepy Tory on 1/17/05.

I am keeping Tory as a Show Hopeful at this time.





Above picture is Sis on 1/17/05.

I am keeping Sis as a Show Hopeful at this time.





Above picture is Vinny on 1/17/05.

Vinny  has a home.




Above picture is Tim on 1/17/05.

Tim has a home.




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To explain what I mean by Show Hopeful:

The pups were born on 11-24-04. I watch them closely between birth and 8 weeks of age. Any part of them may grow apart from what the breed standard calls for in the anatomically correct boston terrier. If that happens, they become a pet puppy. As it costs approximately $5-10,000 per year to show and campaign a show dog, I am extremely critical. To keep costs down, I show my own dogs with no handling fees.

In most litters I may only end up with 1 or maybe 2 that are show quality. 

If you are interested in a pup as a show pup, please contact me soon to be added to the waiting list for that puppy, should he/she hold to conformation breed standards.

Interviews will be set up when they are about 4-5 weeks of age as I cannot determine the alpha/omega characteristics any earlier. Then I try to match families with each pup to be sure that each placement will be for the dog's lifetime.

My schedule is as follows:  I train my dogs on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Most of my weekends are committed to shows.  You can reach me most evenings.

I will try to update these photos weekly. Please check this site for updates and status changes. Thanks for being interested in our very special and much loved babies!





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