CH PBN’s Paying Off Doc "Paddy" 

D.O.B. May 31, 2000

CH PBN’s Doc Delivered Me Too "MeToo"

D.O.B. July 19, 2001


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Maximillian’s Rambunctious Brat
CH Davane’s-Dunhoff Bart Simpson CH Bandit’s Prancing Black Magic Doerre’s Hi Stepping Bandit
Fancy Cookie Penelope
Davane’s The Golden Girl CH Tawzi’s Sir Valentine
CH Davane Intarsia
CH Maximillian’s Magic Lace CH Maximillian’s Earl The Pearl CH Justamere’s Showman Deja Vu
CH Maximillian’s Mailbu Wine
Egbg’s Sassy Lady CH Donahue’s Elbo Touch Of Class
CH Donahue’s Flashy Miss Liberty

PBN’s Justamere Simon Eyes

Justamere’s General Jackson CH Justamere’s Showman Déjŕ vu CH Staley’s Elbo’s Showman
Anjimac’s Justamere Mandolyn
Justamere’s My-My Jemima CH Sunwoods Special Attraction
Anjimac’s Justamere Marimba
Justamere’s Oh Kay CH Staley’s El-bo Showman CH El-bo’s Rudy Is A Dandy 
CH Zodiac’s War Witch
CH OJ Justamere’s Rainbow End CH Justamere’s Klassic Tiny Tim
OJ’s First Class Granma’s Baby