Doc's This Old Man


D.O.B. March 1, 2017


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Gradons Qwest's Masquerade  NP247678/02 (Sire) Fawn Black Mask Gradons Imperiale Quest   NP200000/01 Fawn CH Imperiale Viggo Mortenson NP070641/05 Fawn Black Mask CH Kishniga's Imperiale Viconte NM671184/01(Canada) Brindle
CH Imperiale's Marilyn Monroe NM914128/01 Brindle & White
Gradons Breane's Cinnamon  NP0886763/04 Fawn Kegabull's D'Merit Baron Of Gradon NP027449/01 Fawn Black Mask
Gradons Finesse Breane NP037556/01 Brindle
Gradons Kegabul La Vie Enrose NP089673/02 Fawn Gradons Couer D' Merit NM914201/01 White & Fawn PBN's Awesome Dawson NM805236/01 Fawn & White
Mikrobull's Classy Chloe NM836875/02 Fawn Black Mask
Gradons Barones NM806618/04 Fawn CH Fancibul Gradon Bayou Baron NM741275/01 Fawn Black Mask
Gradons Hy-Mon Caprice NM741278/01 Fawn & White

Doc's Knick Knack Paddy Whack NP40548/02 (dam) Brindle

CH Koi Pond's Staley Bobareno NP320219/03 Fawn CH Carich's Vinnie Bobareno NP189542/04 Fawn Black Mask CH Madaka's To Catch A Thief  NP143467/02 Fawn Brinlde
Sopianae Imperator Pinky NP119872/01 Fawn Black Mask
Gargoyle's Sambuca Cinnamon NP191044/01 Fawn Black Mask Gargoyles Penny Royal NP101429/01 Fawn Black Mask
Chantal De Principuate NP180495/01 Fawn Black Mask
Knick Knack SJR's Tasmanian Devilless NP272262/04 Brindle CH Rocky M Crown Price De Monte Carlo NP111312/01 Brindle White Markings CH Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot NM821066/02 Brindle
Charlotte Rose NP035741/02 Fawn & White Black Mask
Kae-Rae Knick Knack Mutton NP101949/01 Cream CH CJ's Meat And Potato Man NP012341/02 Fawn & White
CH Kae-Rae Valley High Lallique NP021654/01 Cream