*CH Docs Don't Stop Dancing  "ChaCha"

*Docs Minuet "Mini"

*Doc's Mona Leeza "Leeza"

Motif's Return To Sender "Ellie"

*CLEAR by parentage or DNA for Juvenile Hereditary Cataract, BAER hearing Normal

CERF exam normal, OFA Patella or preliminary patella exam normal




 Doc's Gold Ring "Echo"


Doc's Whole Lotta Shakin Going On "Lotta"

DH N Doc's Double Your Fun "Wrigley"

*CH Doc's Not Just For The Money "Cash"


*CH AHA! Wynot Stop At Doc's  "Journey "


*GCH CH Doc's Goldie Lox "Goldie"

*Doc's Vanity Fare ""Vanna"

*Ch. Doc's Just A Little QT

Multiple Group Placing

1st AOM 2008 BTCA under judge Michelle Billings


* CH. Doc's Quality Control "Litty"


* CH Doc's Quest For The Best "Bess"


* CH Doc's Trick 'R Treat "Boo"


* CH Doc's Ramona Quimby "Mona"


*Doc's Beezus Quimby "Beezus"

*Doc's Smidgeon "Midge"

*Doc's Just Quick As A Wink "Wink"

*Ch Doc's Suzy Q " Suzy "ROM  

Multiple Group Placing

(has crossed Rainbow Bridge)


*Doc's Best Dressed "Sassy"


*Doc N Dakohtah's Little Fannie " Fannie"

Doc's True Colors "True"

Motif's Mary Cutting Brittles "Mary"

 *Janlar N Doc's True Blood "Sookie"

*Ch. Pbn's Chance By Doc


*Doc's Energizer Bunny "Bunny"


*Ch. Doc's Someone In The Kitchen "Dinah"


*Dovenho N Doc's Diamond Replica "Mini Me"


*Ch. Doc's Whats Up "Bugs"

*Doc's May Day Motif "May"

*Doc's  Tippy Canoe"Tippy"

*Doc's Tis The Only "Only"

*Doc's Eyes On You "Eye-V"

*Ch PBN's Doc Delivered Metoo "Metoo"

*Ch Doc's Off Her Rocker "Dizzy"  

*Ch. Doc's Country Tis Of Oui "Sis"

*Ch. Doc's Sweet Victory Of Oui "Tory"

*Ch Doc Knocks Her Socks Off "Roxy"

Doc's Dancin Dolly "Dolly"

*Ch PBN's Paying Off Doc "Paddy"

*Ch PBN's Doc Picked Me "Pixie"

Dale's Little Livewire Molly "Molly" 

*Doc's Gone With the Wind "Scarlet"

*Doc's United Oui Stand "Libby"

*Doc's Luck O' the Irish "Trish"

*Doc's Gimme A Chance "Gimme"




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